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Read Worlds Finest Comics comic online

Worlds Finest Comics Comic

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Name: Worlds Finest Comics
Alternate Name: Worlds Finest Comics 1986
Year of Release: 1986
Status: Completed
Author: Bill Finger, Ed Moore, Gardner Fox, Henry Boltinoff, Howard Purcell, Jerry Siegel
Genre: DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero
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Read Worlds Finest Comics Comic Online

Numbering continued from Worlds Best Comics #1
Early issues are published by Worlds Best Comics, National Comics, and National Periodical Publications. From #2 onwards the title of the magazine became Worlds Finest Comics and featured Batman and Superman every issue - although they did not have their first team up until issue # 71. As well as Superman and Batman, the early issues of Worlds Finest also featured many other heroes from the Golden Age, including, Sandman, Hop Harrigan, Dan the Dyna-mite, Crimson Avenger, Star Spangled Kid, Aquaman, Zatara, Tomahawk, Boy Commandos and Green Arrow. From issue #71 onwards, the lead story would always feature a team up between Superman & Batman and this remained the case through to issue #198, which saw the man of steel in a super speed race with the Flash to try and establish just who is the fastest man alive.

Worlds Finest Comics Chapter (Issue) List
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