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Read The Terminator (1988) comic online

The Terminator (1988) Comic

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Name: The Terminator (1988)
Alternate Name: The Terminator (1988) 1990
Year of Release: 1990
Status: Completed
Author: Fred Schiller
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
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Read The Terminator (1988) Comic Online

Year is 2031. Its been three years since the failed attempt time travel Skynet to kill Sarah Connor. Over the years, John Connor organized force of freedom fighters were beaten and reduced to shushval independent units. South of Miami, Skynet built complex of human replication - or Flesh Farm. The purpose of the computer as a breed a new race of humanity. Race , which is a pretty car . Florida -based pocket freedom fighters nicknamed Slammers Sarah promised to destroy this complex. With grim determination, but little in the way of firepower , they are faced with the problem - but its clear from the outset that it is hopeless crusade. As determined as they are, they need help. Big time help.

The Terminator (1988) Chapter (Issue) List