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Read Pathfinder: Worldscape (2018) comic online

Pathfinder: Worldscape (2018) Comic

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Name: Pathfinder: Worldscape (2018)
Alternate Name: Pathfinder: Worldscape (2018) 2018
Year of Release: 2018
Status: Completed
Author: Erik Mona
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
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Read Pathfinder: Worldscape (2018) Comic Online

Vampirella and her old companion, the third-rate magician Pendragon, revive their stage show for a reunion tour that propels them all the way to a fragment of Vampirella's home planet of Drakulon, ensnared in the multi-dimensional Worldscape! There, Vampirella must confront the shades of her past while Pendragon pits his false magic against the very real spells of the Pathfinders Seoni and Seltyiel!

Pathfinder: Worldscape (2018) Chapter (Issue) List