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Read Mayam comic online

Mayam Comic

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Name: Mayam
Alternate Name: Mayam 2018
Year of Release: 2018
Status: Completed
Author: Stephen Desberg
Genre: , ,
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Read Mayam Comic Online

Lenny June is your average happy-go-lucky expat, out for a good time and a quick buck. And on Tyr Mayam, a technologically backward planet riven by religious rivalries, he has it easy. It helps that hes quick-witted, handsome, and an exclusive member of the Galactic Confederations Terran delegation to a world thats been declared an ethnologically protected zone for the next 500 years. But Lennys life is about to change. For one, his fianceĢe is due from Earth any day now. And Tyr Mayam, with its doomsday cults and competing sects, has surprises in store, buried deep in ancient history...

Mayam Chapter (Issue) List