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Read Dylan Dog (1986) comic online

Dylan Dog (1986) Comic

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Name: Dylan Dog (1986)
Alternate Name: Dylan Dog (1986) 1986
Year of Release: 1986
Status: Ongoing
Author: Tiziano Sclavi
Genre: Horror
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Read Dylan Dog (1986) Comic Online

Sybil Browning is accused for murdering her own husband, James Browning. To prove her in innocence, she comes looking for Dylan Dogs help, claiming that he was dead before she killed him, clues lead Dylan, Sybil and Dylans helper Groucho to mysterious Doctor Xabaras (who is in fact Dylans father), they follow him to village Undead where they find out that Xabaras made virus that can turn people to zombies...
After being imprisoned by Xabaras, Dylan manages to get free and blow up his laboratory and so zombies return back to grave where they will finally find peace...

Dylan Dog (1986) Chapter (Issue) List
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