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District X Comic

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Name: District X
Alternate Name: District X 2005
Year of Release: 2005
Status: Completed
Author: David Hine
Genre: Marvel, Action, Sci-Fi
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Read District X Comic Online

The adventures of FBI Agent and X-Man, Lucas Bishop and human NYPD officer, Ishmael Ortega in District X, a neighborhood in New York City dominated by mutant gangs. This series ends with issue 14, but continues in the mini-series Mutopia X.
Welcome to Mutant Town, the dark corner of New York City where the long arm of the law has been severed clean. Here, the mutant population doesn't sport GQ-style or champagne dreams. They eke out each day in squalid tenement rows and filthy streets where only one man and one law can be trusted: the X-Man Bishop. Something lives under District X, something that loves the dark…and it's leaving a trail of murders in its wake. In a world that's rarely black-and-white, can the X-Man called Bishop and his partner Ismael make the right calls that save people's lives? Or will they be helpless against this predator under the streets?

District X Chapter (Issue) List
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