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Defex Comic

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Name: Defex
Alternate Name: Defex 2005
Year of Release: 2005
Status: Completed
Author: Marv Wolfman
Genre: Adventure
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Read Defex Comic Online

What if you could unlock your secret potential? What would happen if you could change who you are? Would it be a chance at an incredible new life... or a death sentence? Five college students are about to discover that in this strange new world, the answers are not so simple. It starts as an experiment gone too far. A group of brilliant young scientists, working on the outer edge of genetic theory, acting in secret, trigger something hidden in every humans DNA. In the space of one night, they become more than human. For each, the change offers a world of new possibilities. Some will seek fame. Some will seek wealth. All of them will discover danger...

Defex Chapter (Issue) List