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Read Deathblow/Wolverine comic online

Deathblow/Wolverine Comic

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Name: Deathblow/Wolverine
Alternate Name: Deathblow/Wolverine 1997
Year of Release: 1997
Status: Completed
Author: Aron Wiesenfeld
Genre: Action, Adventure, Superhero
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Read Deathblow/Wolverine Comic Online

Logan returned to his home in San Francisco where he found his girlfriend Sung Li in tears. She explained that she had called her mother, and the woman told her she didnt have a daughter. When Li then went to her home, her mother threatened to call the police. Logan and Li went back to her mothers home, and she greeted them happily. She claimed not to know what they were talking about concerning the earlier incidents. Sungs mother then attacked her, and a small group of ninjas crashed through the window. They attacked Logan, but Sungs mother was cut and killed by one accidentally . Logan fell out of a window with some of them, and the rest launched a rain of arrows down at him. Michael Cray, aka Deathblow, witnessed the events, and shot one of the ninjas to keep him from killing Logan. Cray then escaped with Logan, taking him to his home to recover. Cray told him that he was in the area because he was following a letter sent to him regarding his old Team 7 teammate Phil Chang. The address on the letter was Logan and Sungs home, but Logan did not know anything about the letter. The group of ninjas arrived, almost destroying Crays home in the process, and the two made another escape. They returned to Logans place to find it in shambles and Sung Li missing. However, a mysterious grinning man in a top hat was there.

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