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Read Dawn: Three Tiers comic online

Dawn: Three Tiers Comic

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Name: Dawn: Three Tiers
Alternate Name: Dawn: Three Tiers 2005
Year of Release: 2005
Status: Completed
Author: Joseph Michael Linsner
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
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Read Dawn: Three Tiers Comic Online

This si the story of what happened to Darrian Ashoka following the events of Lucifers Halo. When last we saw our would be hero he was sailing on a massive aircraft-carrier towards Europa, the land of his fathers, in hopes of finding himself. Dawn, the goddess of birth and re-birth, told him he would be going on a journey and that before he would se his goddess again he would make love to whores and rape queens.It seems that no matter where he goes he sees his goddess everywhere, but can any take her place in his soul?Find out what is in store for Darrian across the ocean and see how Dawns predictions take shape as his life takes some unexpected turns.

Dawn: Three Tiers Chapter (Issue) List