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Read Darque Passages (1998) comic online

Darque Passages (1998) Comic

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Name: Darque Passages (1998)
Alternate Name: Darque Passages (1998) 1998
Year of Release: 1998
Status: Completed
Author: Christina Z
Genre: Action, Adventure, Superhero
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Read Darque Passages (1998) Comic Online

It is night. A lover caresses a bare stomach. A dancer writhes to a rhythmic beat. A needle slides into an engorged vein. A scream dissolves into silence. It is night. A time for games. And no one plays the game of night as well as Alexandre Darque. He is a supernatural favor broker. What you need. He can get you. The coin of exchange is merely a little piece of your soul. Thats the price you have to pay, but have you ever wondered what it costs Darque?

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