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Read Dark Nemesis (Villains) comic online

Dark Nemesis (Villains) Comic

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Name: Dark Nemesis (Villains)
Alternate Name: Dark Nemesis (Villains) 1998
Year of Release: 1998
Status: Completed
Author: Dan Jurgens
Genre: DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero
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Read Dark Nemesis (Villains) Comic Online

The Teenage Atom alongside his former wife Jean Loring speak to the warden on behalf of Risk to gain the minors freedom. The two heroes then visit the leader of the Dark Nemesis in order to learn the location of the only free member Scorcher, as Risk gets a vision of Scorcher much to his and the Atoms surprise.While the two interrogate Axis, Scorcher infiltrates the prison using the eye of a security officer she had murder to by pass the retina scans.She then manages to free Axis, removing the helmet restoring the access to telepathic powers. The Atom and Risk then grab the helmet and set out to capture the two villains. Following the rest of the team being freed Axis grows suspicious over the Titans being here on the day they are set free and attempts to invade her mind. She however is stopped by Risk putting the helmet on, as Ray confronts Scorcher revealing she could be related to Risk as one of the nine alien children.Vault then uses his cold powers to lower the temperature of the room to absolute zero incapacitating Atom and Risk but not before Scorcher imbues the two with enough heat to survive.  Scorcher then meets back up with the rest of her team, as they ponder their next mission.

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