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Read Daredevil: Redemption comic online

Daredevil: Redemption Comic

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Name: Daredevil: Redemption
Alternate Name: Daredevil: Redemption 2005
Year of Release: 2005
Status: Completed
Author: David Hine
Genre: Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero
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Read Daredevil: Redemption Comic Online

In the small, God-fearing town of Redemption Valley, a young boys body is found dead and mutilated. Is it a ritualistic killing? The local bad boy, Joel Flood, is arrested and put in jail. A black-garbed, devil-worshipping metalhead, he must be guilty...or is he? Enter Matt Murdock, J.D. for the defense.

Daredevil: Redemption Chapter (Issue) List
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