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Read Daredevil: Guardian Devil comic online

Daredevil: Guardian Devil Comic

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Name: Daredevil: Guardian Devil
Alternate Name: Daredevil: Guardian Devil 2012
Year of Release: 2012
Status: Completed
Author: Kevin Smith
Genre: Marvel, Action, Adventure, Crime, Movies & TV, Superhero
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Read Daredevil: Guardian Devil Comic Online

After his girlfriend Karen Page left him, Daredevils life doesnt seem like it can get any worse until he is left with an infant child who is said to be humanitys savior according to his mother. While taking care of the child he is approached by a man who says Daredevil must give him the child and claims the baby must die. Daredevil refuses and chooses to protect the child as he slowly begins to lose his sanity. His partner Foggy Nelson is accused of a crime and arrested. Unable to explain why these events are happening he goes to Doctor Strange for answers. Bullseye is hired by the mastermind behind this plot and ends up taking a life. Daredevil finds the culprit and brings him to justice but at a steep price as his life will be changed forever.

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