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Read Cuba: My Revolution comic online

Cuba: My Revolution Comic

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Name: Cuba: My Revolution
Alternate Name: Cuba: My Revolution 2010
Year of Release: 2010
Status: Completed
Author: Inverna Lockpez
Genre: DC Comics, Graphic Novels
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Read Cuba: My Revolution Comic Online

From the moment Fidel Castro captures Havana in 1959, 17-year-old Sonya believes in the promise of the Cuban Revolution. A medical student who dreams of becoming a painter, she joins the militia and finds herself caught between idealism and ideology. As a volunteer medic at the Bay of Pigs, shes imprisoned and tortured by her own comrades. Physically and emotionally scarred upon returning home, Sonya searches for fulfillment in art. But when she realizes that none of her efforts, by gun or brush, fall in line with Castros regime, Sonya must make agonizing choices between her family, her lover and her beloved country. This graphic novel is inspired by the true experiences of first-time author and Havana-born artist Inverna Lockpez, with stunning art by the Eisner-nominated Dean Haspiel (THE ALCOHOLIC, THE QUITTER, AMERICAN SPLENDOR) in a lush red-and-black palette created by colorist José Villarrubia.

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