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Read Crimson Plague comic online

Crimson Plague Comic

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Name: Crimson Plague
Alternate Name: Crimson Plague 2000
Year of Release: 2000
Status: Completed
Author: George Pérez, Karl Kesel
Genre: Sci-Fi
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Read Crimson Plague Comic Online

Something horrible has happened on MannaWorks 3.  In one night the entire population of the prison mining colony on one of Jupiters moons has been destroyed, all their bodies putrified into masses of red mush-- all dead except for a mysterious young woman with a ribbon of crimson in her long black hair. The same young woman who, five years later, is at the center of a series of similar bloody deaths on the Mars colony of MannaWorks 2. You see, DiNA: Simmons is no ordinary woman. Her blood is lethal to the touch. She bleeds, you die-- horribly and instantly, as a gang of would-be attackers learn all too well on the Martian settlement. And as dangerous as DiNA: is when attacked, that is not the most frightening part of her powers. No, it is during certain biological cycles that DiNA: Simmons is at her most deadly-- when the destructive toxins in her blood become an airborne virus-- capable of destroying an entire planet in a night-- a crimson plague for which there is no known cure-- and no escape. A crimson plague that is one step closer to reaching Earth. This special 64 page Gorilla Comics edition re-presents the original 32- page Event Comics premier issue with 16 brand new story pages, pin-ups, a photo gallery featuring the real-life models who comprise the cast, and more! Plus: An all-new exclusive prologue story to this months other Gorilla launch: SECTION ZERO by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett!

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