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Read Children of Saigo comic online

Children of Saigo Comic

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Name: Children of Saigo
Alternate Name: Children of Saigo 2017
Year of Release: 2017
Status: Completed
Author: Glenn Jeffers
Genre: Action, Adventure
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Read Children of Saigo Comic Online

Meet Ben, Shiro, Zoe and Teron, the descendants of Koji Iwanaga, the only Samurai to survive the final battle between the Japanese noblemen and their Empire. Born in Chicago and raised in the teachings of Bushido, the siblings believe in honor, duty and service. They're also as dysfunctional as family gets. Ben and Shiro haven't spoken in years, Zoe is always one drink away from starting a brawl and Teron struggles to keep the peace. But when Tomoe Yamada, a Yakuza mob princess and history buff, arrives to collect their heads as trophies, the Iwanagas must settle old grievances to defeat Tomoe's army of assassins. Some families pass down recipes. The Iwanagas Katanas.

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