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Read Cavewoman: Rain comic online

Cavewoman: Rain Comic

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Name: Cavewoman: Rain
Alternate Name: Cavewoman: Rain 1997
Year of Release: 1997
Status: Completed
Author: Budd Root
Genre: Sci-Fi
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Read Cavewoman: Rain Comic Online

Two Marshville residents and their baby refused to take refuge with the others in the safety of the city. They are both killed one day by a dinosaur attack and their baby is left hidden to fend for itself. While nervously giving a speech about the upcoming rainy season and some general safety tips, Meriem hears a voice that tells her there is a baby in trouble. The voice isnt her Grandfathers but is instead a hermit named Roberto Armstrong. Otherwise known as Mr. Voodoo. Meriem finds the baby while Bruce, Prof. Cook, Captain Lavery, and Sgt. Higgins follow in one of the Professors exploratory vehicles.
Klyde is seen trashing the power plant which causes electricity problems.

Cavewoman: Rain Chapter (Issue) List