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Read Captain Marvel (1995) comic online

Captain Marvel (1995) Comic

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Name: Captain Marvel (1995)
Alternate Name: Captain Marvel (1995) 1996
Year of Release: 1996
Status: Completed
Author: Fabian Nicieza
Genre: Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero
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Read Captain Marvel (1995) Comic Online

This is a short-lived ongoing series from 1995 starring Captain Marvels son Genis-Vell written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Ed Benes. Due to lackluster sales it was cancelled at #6. The series was cancelled in such a rush that multiple plot threads were left dangling completely. One of these plots involved Grandmaster and Thanos who were to feature in #7 playing a game of poker with the titular character.
The characters next chronological appearance is in Avengers Unplugged #5 and then Warlock. He would then go on to star in Avengers Forever which revamped the character and led to another more successful solo series being launched in 2000. Although most of the plot threads were never addressed, let alone resolved, there is some small amount of resolution to be found in Captain Marvel #14 which was a fill-in issue written by this series writer Fabian Nicieza.

Captain Marvel (1995) Chapter (Issue) List