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Read Brigade (1992) comic online

Brigade (1992) Comic

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Name: Brigade (1992)
Alternate Name: Brigade (1992) 1993
Year of Release: 1993
Status: Completed
Author: Eric Stephenson, Hank Kanalz, Marat Mychaels, Rob Liefeld
Genre: Action, Adventure, Superhero
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Read Brigade (1992) Comic Online

Brigade is one of the flagship titles of the Image Comics series. This series, created by Rob Liefeld, features a team of super-heroes spun off from another Image hit, Youngblood.
Brigade is a team of super-heroes funded by two wealthy brothers, Coldsnap and Seahawk, who take an active part in their investment. Battlestone, formerly the leader of the Youngblood team, heads Brigade. Atlas, a giant; Kayo, an archer; and two women: Thermal, who can throw fire, and Stasis, who can create anti-motion force fields, round out the team. Not sanctioned by the government, these vigilantes nevertheless manage to find situations which challenge their skills and teamwork.

Brigade (1992) Chapter (Issue) List