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Read Boy From Atlantis comic online

Boy From Atlantis Comic

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Name: Boy From Atlantis
Alternate Name: Boy From Atlantis 2018
Year of Release: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Author: Marcio Catalano
Genre: Graphic Novels
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Read Boy From Atlantis Comic Online

Prince Po deals with immense family, cultural and political pressure to become something he's not… a great warrior king. Instead, Po wants to be a scientist, exploring the universe.
When his father, King Magus, brings him to post-apocalyptic Earth to retrieve a powerful lost artifact, Po's “on the job training” as future king takes an unexpected turn.
Lost on an alien world with only a human companion, the naïve prince must maneuver a dangerous wasteland full of desperate survivors, marauders, evil henchmen and a villainous tyrant who rules through dark magic.
To survive, Po must become exactly what he's trying to avoid… a great king!

Boy From Atlantis Chapter (Issue) List