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Read Boxers & Saints comic online

Boxers & Saints Comic

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Name: Boxers & Saints
Alternate Name: Boxers & Saints 2013
Year of Release: 2013
Status: Completed
Author: Gene Luen Yang
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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Read Boxers & Saints Comic Online

Boxers & Saints is a groundbreaking novel in two volumes, presenting two parallel tales about young people caught up on opposite sides of a violent rift. Boxers tells the story of Little Bao, and the companion volume, Saints, tells the story of Vibiana, a Chinese girl who converts to Christianity. China, 1898. Bands of foreign missionaries and soldiers roam the countryside, bullying and robbing Chinese peasants. Little Bao has had enough. Harnessing the powers of ancient Chinese gods, he recruits an army of Boxers - commoners trained in kung fu who fight to free China from foreign devils. But nothing is simple. Little Bao is fighting for the glory of China, but at what cost? So many are dying, including thousands of Chinese citizens who have converted to Christianity.

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