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Read Batman By Ed Brubaker comic online

Batman By Ed Brubaker Comic

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Name: Batman By Ed Brubaker
Alternate Name: Batman By Ed Brubaker 2016
Year of Release: 2016
Status: Completed
Author: Ed Brubaker
Genre: DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Movies & TV, Mystery, Superhero
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Read Batman By Ed Brubaker Comic Online

Award-winning writer Ed Brubaker begins his legendary run on the title as the Batman goes head-to-head with a seemingly unstoppable assassin. Someone has been spying on the Dark Knight from the shadows, studying his fighting style and planning a counterattack. The killer known as Zeiss is prepared for every trick Batman might try. And with experimental surgeries enhancing his eyes and reflexes, Zeiss can react at lightning speed, blocking any punch with ease. Batman is one of the most skilled fighters on the planet, but can he defeat an enemy who can anticipate his every move? 

Batman By Ed Brubaker Chapter (Issue) List