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Read Badger: Shattered Mirror comic online

Badger: Shattered Mirror Comic

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Name: Badger: Shattered Mirror
Alternate Name: Badger: Shattered Mirror 1994
Year of Release: 1994
Status: Completed
Author: Mike Baron
Genre: Action, Adventure, Superhero
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Read Badger: Shattered Mirror Comic Online

In this series, which reveals yet another never-before-revealed secret origin for Badger, Daisy Fields is an ambitious young therapist whos just been assigned to Norbert Sykes, also known as Max Swell, Emily, Pierre, Gastineau, and... Badger! A world-class martial artist, a post-traumatic syndrome-suffering Vietnam vet, and full-blown multiple personality, Badger is the strangest and most dangerous case Daisy will ever take. If this werent enough, Daisys got to deal her drug-dealing boyfriend and a mysterious campus menace known only as The Phantom!
This four-issue limited series expands upon the events of Capital Comics The Badger #1 - Precipitation. The premiere issue of this Dark Horse series coincided with the first issue of Badger: The Zen Pop Funny-Animal series, which examined Badger and his cast of characters through a different lens.

Badger: Shattered Mirror Chapter (Issue) List
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