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Read Avengers vs. Thanos (2018) comic online

Avengers vs. Thanos (2018) Comic

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Name: Avengers vs. Thanos (2018)
Alternate Name: Avengers vs. Thanos (2018) 2018
Year of Release: 2018
Status: Completed
Author: Joe Caramagna
Genre: Marvel, Action, Adventure, Movies & TV, Superhero
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Read Avengers vs. Thanos (2018) Comic Online

Featuring screen-capture images from MARVELS AVENGERS ASSEMBLE SEASON TWO!
The Avengers face the machinations of the Mad Titan himself - Thanos! And you know he must be bad when even the Red Skull is fleeing from him! Thanos seeks the cosmic Power Stone - but will the robotic Arsenal, built by Tony Starks father, help keep it out of the Titans grasp? Thanos has targeted all the Stones necessary to form the Infinity Gauntlet - and if he succeeds, hell have ultimate power in the palm of his hand! Black Widow has a plan to save the universe - but it will take all of the Avengers to pull it off! Captain America and Iron Man dont see eye-to-eye, but can they put aside their differences in time to come together for the final battle to save everything? Collecting MARVEL UNIVERSE AVENGERS ASSEMBLE SEASON TWO #1 (A STORY), #2, #11-12 and #15-16.

Avengers vs. Thanos (2018) Chapter (Issue) List