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Read All-Out War comic online

All-Out War Comic

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Name: All-Out War
Alternate Name: All-Out War 1980
Year of Release: 1980
Status: Completed
Author: Robert Kanigher
Genre: War, DC Comics
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Read All-Out War Comic Online

A new anthology declared All Out War with stories featuring bith familiar warriors and new combatants. Most notable among the latter was the Viking Commando, whose origin unfolded in D-Day for a Viking by writer Robert Kanigher and artist George Evans. During a battle with the Huns, the 5th Century Viking - Valoric- was carried off to Valhalla by the Valkyrie Fey before he died. Upon Odins command, Valoric awoke on Earth in post D-Day WWII accompanied by Fey, who was charged with shadowing Valoric until he truly perished. The axe wielding Valoric was in no hurry to meet his fate.

All-Out War Chapter (Issue) List