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Read Afterglow comic online

Afterglow Comic

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Name: Afterglow
Alternate Name: Afterglow 2019
Year of Release: 2019
Status: Completed
Author: Pat Shand
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Read Afterglow Comic Online

100 years ago, an event called The Glowing ended the world as we know it, leaving the survivors with an Earth that has been changed. Water is radioactive, animals have mutated, and the world has been painted with beautiful, dangerous, glowing colors. Most of the remaining society has broken into villages in attempt to rebuild the world they lost, but an adventurous girl named Lacey and her giant cat After have embraced this wild new world in all of its deadly beauty. Lacey has always been an outsider, but when she discovers her late mothers journal that foretells another apocalyptic event, she and After set forth on a journey to save whats left of their world. From writer PAT SHAND (Destiny, NY) and artist K. LYNN SMITH (Plume) comes an apocalyptic world like none youve ever seen!

Afterglow Chapter (Issue) List
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